Indre Rimselyte is an artist and illustrator based in Leicester, StudionAme artist studios. Indre was born and raised in Lithuania and came to study Fine Art to De Montfort University in 2014 and has stayed in Leicester city ever since. She specializes in creating bright and colorful paintings as well as very detailed linear work of people and imaginative spaces. Her goal as a painter is to create art which questions the human condition and people’s relationship with nature in the contemporary world. Recently Indre has created mural designs for StudionAme and private clients but has previously worked on large scale paintings on canvas and paper. She has also taught art classes at New Walk Museum, Attenborough Arts Centre and created community based online workshops for StudionAme. Her work has been shown in various shows in UK and internationally which received support from Arts Council England.

If you are interested in original artworks or have any enquiries please feel free to contact me on: