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Indre Rimselyte is an artist and illustrator based in the StudionAme artist studios in Leicester. Indre was born and raised in Lithuania and came to study Fine Art in the UK in 2014 and has continued her career here ever since graduation.

Using acrylic paints, inks and markers Indre creates figurative paintings and portraits that focus on the female experience and the natural world. The artist uses a vivid and striking colour palette to accentuate mood and atmosphere and to create other-worldly scenes. Indre favours a primary and secondary colour palette selection and often relates to the Fauvist’s use and admiration for saturated hues.


The subject matter of Indre’s work is highly influenced by personal experience of everyday life and a shared female perspective of the world. This is evident in the many artist’s works that feature the female figure as the heroine of the story, which is often modeled in her own image. Indre uses a variety of techniques to represent surfaces and texture with paint. The paintings are often filled with details of patterns, textures, plants and a variety of linear drawn objects. Her work is most often based on a narrative for the viewer to resolve or contemplate.

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